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Tools for developing, implementing and evaluating patient decision aids

OHRI Development and Implementation Toolkit

Ottawa Health Research Institute explores better ways to help patients make "tough" healthcare decisions that may have 1) multiple options, 2) uncertain outcomes, and 3) benefits and harms that people value differently, such as supporting the development and implementing patient decision aids, helping patient to become involved in decision making by providing information about the options and outcomes and by clarifying personal values. For the development of decision aid, the OHRI provides development toolkit that makes available information for developers and researchers interested in producing decision aids. For the implementation of decision aid, the OHRI provides implementation toolkit that makes available tools and training for incorporating decision support in practice centres.

International Patient Decision Aids Standards

The International Patient Decision Aids Standards (IPDAS) establishes an internationally approved set of criteria to determine the quality of patient decision aids. These criteria will be helpful to a wide variety of individuals and organizations that use and/or develop patient decision aids, for example:

  1. Patients or other individuals who are making a health decision,
  2. Practitioners guiding patients in making health decisions,
  3. Developers of patient decision aids,
  4. Researchers or evaluators of patient decision aids, and
  5. Policy makers or payers of patient decision aids.

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